About BPPA

The Balboa Peninsula Point Association

• Incorporation

The Balboa Peninsula Point Association was incorporated as a 501(c)(4) organization in 1949. Under this tax-free designation the BPPA can be best described as a social club although our activities include civic events benefiting the community. There are many great reasons to join, and the annual membership in the BPPA is a bargain at $75.00 a year. Although BPPA is a not for profit corporation, contributions are not deductible, as provided by law.

• Beach and Ramp 

The BPPA leases a private beach from the city.  The beach is located on the bay side at 2100 Channel Road.  The beach includes two separate, multi-chair seating areas, a built in Barbeque, a storage area which contains umbrellas and other beach equipment, and an outdoor shower.  The is also lighting for evening events.

The boat ramp accommodates boat launchings of boats no longer than 23 feet.  Use of the boat ramp incurs an annual fee of $150.00. The boat ramp is especially valuable for boat users as launching areas are very limited in Newport Harbor. The private dock allows for temporary discharging or boarding of passengers on boats or jet skis.

• Social Events

The BPPA sponsors three ongoing annual events, the Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July parade, and the Friday night pot lucks at the BPPA Bay Beach.  For info on upcoming events members can visit our Events page as well as view photos in our Member Photo Gallery.

• Pointer and Internet site access

Quarterly, the Association publishes its newsletter, The Pointer.  All members receive the Pointer, including members whose primary address is not on Peninsula Point.  The Pointer is an excellent way to stay current on events and issues affecting Peninsula Point. The BPPA web site contains much more information about the Association.

• Representation at the city of Newport Beach

The BPPA Board of Directors has several positions that liaison between areas of interest in Newport Beach and the Peninsula Point.  These include John Wayne airport issues, issues of importance in the city of Newport Beach, the parks, beach and recreation areas on the Point, police and traffic, planning at the city of Newport Beach.  All BPPA Board members volunteer their time and service.

• Visits by Persons of Interest and Sponsorship of Electoral Candidate Forums

Periodically the BPPA Board of Directors meetings will have invited guests to speak on topics of interest to Peninsula Point residents.  In the past members have listened to the Balboa branch librarian, police community officers, city officials and many more.  In election years the BPPA sponsors or co-sponsors a city council candidates forum, featuring the candidates running for city council.

• Membership roster

The Association publishes an annual Membership Roster which is distributed to all BPPA members.  The roster has the name, address and phone number of all BPPA members.  Members can chose to not be listed in the roster or to have their phone numbers not listed.  The roster includes the names of youth in our neighborhood who offer baby sitting and pet sitting services.

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